We Are Here! Visitors Without a Passport : Essays on Earth's Alien Presence

We Are Here! Visitors Without a Passport : Essays on Earth's Alien Presence


Michel Zirger, Warren P Aston
Paperback | 388 pages
152 x 229 x 20mm | 517g
Publication date
16 Nov 2017
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For the first time ever, painstaking investigation by the highly-respected French author and researcher Michel Zirger, has uncovered the truth about what really happened in the California Desert on November 20, 1952 when George Adamski and six witnesses encountered a man from a spacecraft in broad daylight. His name came to be known as "Orthon." The photographs taken that day have been enhanced using new, standard, digital techniques that now reveal the craft, the large mothership floating above and - most intriguingly - Orthon himself. The significance of this photographic validation of Adamski's claims becomes clear as we progress through the author's own contacts with apparent extraterrestrials in Japan, where he now lives, always with witnesses present. Zirger's own journey toward accepting the simple reality that intelligent life throughout the universe is human is amplified as he recounts the first-hand experiences of others, some untold until now. Richly illustrated with rare and often unpublished items, "We Are Here!" takes the reader on a journey that transcends mainstream Ufology and, indeed, much twentieth-century history. It is a journey that reveals significant new truths about Humanity and our place in the Universe.

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